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First stop: the radio business

The restaurant, or subsequent real estate development projects, weren’t the aim of young Terry Ward. He entered The Ohio State University to earn a degree in speech and drama with an eye toward getting into radio and other media. Faster than he expected, he accomplished that goal, joining WCOL, the number 1-ranked Columbus station and 15th-ranked Top 40 station nationally, as the midnight disc jockey during his first semester.

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How about them Astros!

Ward went to work with the Houston Astros as assistant marketing director. There he conceived and led marketing efforts to increase ticket sales and attendance.

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The Restaurant Business

Ward bought a 15 percent stake in the Texas Tumbleweed Restaurants, and a few years later, he opened his own restaurant, Dirty’s, between downtown Houston and Memorial Park. In 1983, Ward opened another Dirty’s in the Galleria area. For the next eight years, he focused on running the establishments, which grew into a multi-million dollar venture.

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It takes a Healthcare Village

He knew the healthcare model needed to change, to be refocused on the patient and on wellness rather than reactive treatment. He wanted to bring that change about by building a community of world-class healthcare providers, all together alongside complementary services and retail in a consumer-oriented environment that focuses on wellness and provides primary and secondary care. His “Healthcare Village” would feature state-of-the-art technology, communications systems and innovative construction techniques and would be led by physicians, with the hospitals as partners.

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A natural community

The concept was—again—about connecting. Now, the connection was with nature and neighbors. He bought tracts of acreage in the country near big cities and installed the infrastructure and landscaping for a residential community. The residents would be surrounded by rolling terrain, running creeks, majestic oaks, bluebonnets and wildflowers, a unique landscape and a county lifestyle.

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A place to celebrate those who pass on

He has other projects in the works. One is Indigo Fields, the big idea that brought him out of his despair. Indigo Fields will be a serene memorial park located in a natural setting where people can scatter the ashes of their loved ones and celebrate their lives.

The landscaping will be designed to help people through the five stages of grief, and the meandering wall around the property will shift through themes that evoke a different emotion. The Fields will include interactive panels where visitors can be told about the lives of those whose ashes reside there.

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Looking ahead

Terry continues to focus his time and energy on unique real estate developments. Projects currently in the works include Indigo Fields Remembrance Park, a new Country Community, student housing, and a venture in real estate funding that offers a lower barrier for entry into the real estate investment market.

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