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Indigo Fields Remembrance Park

After experiencing the all too familiar traditional funeral ceremony following the death of his parents, Terry believed there had to be another way for Americans to celebrate the loss of their loved ones. What Terry felt through both of his parents funerals was a disconnect from the process, a longing to get it over with, and a general disdain about the process and cost of it all.

He believed the ceremony should focus on the celebration of life, rather than the depression of death. For the next few years Terry set out to find a new different way. He studied the history of how Americans do ceremonial funerals with the hope of finding a more uplifting way to memorialize their loved ones. One of the things he discovered was over 50% of Americans today are choosing cremation instead of the traditional casket, viewing, and funeral ceremony.

Out of that came the idea for Indigo Fields.

It is so different, we don’t call it a cemetery.

Indigo Fields Remembrance Park is a unique and exquisite place, unlike any other. Expansive meadows, tree groves and water features create a unique place for remembrance, family gatherings, and the final resting place for a loved one’s ashes.

Indigo Fields Remembrance Park combines bird and butterfly habitats, sculpture and nature art, a waterfall, wild flowers and nature trails with unique and personalized ceremonies for your loved ones. The park offers families compelling places to memorialize loved ones in a natural setting.
Meandering through the trees and meadow is a winding rock wall, surrounded graciously with a series of natural outdoor settings and water experiences, for the placement and scattering of cremated remains.

Indigo Fields Remembrance Park is a state licensed, perpetual care cemetery for long-term maintenance and operations. A perpetual care board will manage the endowment trust as
well as the parks rules and guidelines. Indigo Fields is an independent cemetery operation. Funeral home and cremation services will be provided by other Indigo Field Remembrance Park approved and qualified partners.

A Place where Nature, Life, and Legacy Connect.

Nature is a ritual at Indigo Fields Remembrance Park. Create a celebration ceremony with nature as your stage. Whether the choice is scattering of ashes or in-ground burial, the landscape and water features offer a soothing presence for a celebration of life. Walk along the meandering wall, gather with family and friends at the circle of stones, or stand shoulder to shoulder around the waterfall as you reflect upon your loved one’s life.

Imagine a ceremony scattering your loved one’s ashes over a gentle, flowing waterfall coming to rest in Indigo Pond. There are creative and inspiring choices of ceremony, celebration and ritual that can be customized to any family’s desires. “Certified Celebrants” will be available to assist families in planning a special, personalized ceremony to honor their loved one’s vibrant and unique spirit. Indigo Fields also offers permanent memorialization for those whose loved one’s ashes have been scattered at another location.

From the beauty of nature, to the latest state-of-the-art technology, Indigo Fields Remembrance Park offers a unique setting in which people and nature can make a meaningful memorialization and connection.