Terry's Story

The Restaurant Business

Terry Ward wasn't one to shy away from a challenge. It all started with Dirty's, his booming restaurant, struggling with a lack of parking. Instead of letting the obstacle hinder his success, Ward saw an opportunity. Fueled by his problem-solving spirit and a desire to build something truly special, he tackled the issue head-on, purchasing the land across the street. This initial foray into real estate not only secured parking for his patrons but ignited a passion for development. Ward's keen eye for detail and unwavering focus on exceeding expectations, honed during his restaurant days, translated seamlessly into the world of real estate. He didn't just build communities; he built experiences, developing not just seven well-known neighborhoods and a large portion of Copperfield, but also numerous commercial sites that catered to residents' needs. His secret weapon? Going beyond what other developers offered, forging strong connections, and meticulously attending to every detail to ensure every project thrived. From restaurateur to real estate mogul, Terry Ward's journey is a testament to his ability to not just solve problems, but to create opportunities and exceed expectations.

Advancing Copperfield and Houston

The success of his initial land purchase fueled Terry Ward's real estate ambitions. He saw opportunity everywhere and wasn't afraid to take calculated risks. He bought several more tracts, including land near downtown and the Heights State Bank building, successfully reselling them for profit. In 1991, he made a pivotal decision - selling Dirty's to devote himself entirely to real estate development.

Ward set his sights on Copperfield, acquiring a massive 70% of the undeveloped commercial land along Highway 6. This wasn't just about buying land; it was about creating a vision. Ward invested heavily in infrastructure and landscaping, transforming the area from raw land into something special. His philosophy was simple: make it easy for businesses to invest. By installing utilities and landscaping, he ensured a smooth path for construction, giving his land a significant edge over competitors. This strategic foresight paid off. Over the years, Ward attracted major corporations like Walgreens and Kelsey-Seybold Clinic, their investment validating his vision. This commercial boom had a ripple effect, attracting residents and fueling the overall growth of Copperfield. As Keith Grothaus, a community leader, pointed out, Ward's efforts were instrumental in shaping Copperfield's success story.

Country Communities is Born

Ward's real estate mastery extended beyond commercial ventures. Fueled by his desire to connect people with nature, he embarked on his next project: Country Communities. This innovative concept envisioned idyllic neighborhoods nestled in the countryside, yet close to the convenience of big cities. Ward meticulously selected tracts of land boasting rolling hills, babbling brooks, and stunning vistas. He wasn't just developing communities; he was crafting a lifestyle. Imagine waking up to the gentle sway of bluebonnets and wildflowers, majestic oak trees standing sentinel, a world away from the urban hustle. But Ward, the master of detail, understood the importance of subtle touches that spark joy. Think charming treehouses and whimsical flourishes that rekindle childhood memories. For over four decades, Ward's unwavering passion has been the driving force behind his success. Those close to him speak of his relentless dedication, his constant pursuit of improvement, and his unwavering commitment to forging connections – the cornerstones of his remarkable journey.